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Creative Problem Solving

We are creative problem solvers in the pursuit of ground-breaking ideas that enhance the brand experience and increase business performance.

Founded in 2002 by Robert Pharrell, Organised Confusion is a graphic design consultancy with a passion for solving business problems. We bring a breadth of knowledge, expertise, and experience in the fields of graphic design, business systems, and global marketing to deliver solutions that truly enhance the brand experience, whilst increasing productivity and sales performance.


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Our Story

From fashion retailer to award-winning art director, the story of Robert Pharrell is one of unwavering passion, creativity and a continuous drive for achievement.

Robert Pharrell
Honors & Awards

Category Achievement Award
Exceeding sales expectations for Skincare brochure campaigns.

Recommended Agency 2011, 2012, and 2013
Advertising, Design, Digital and Marketing.

Certificate of Appreciation 2010 and 2011
Providing young people with work related experience.

Creative Director
Professional Background

Robert is an award-winning art director, designer and image-maker. He is the Founder and Creative Director of Organised Confusion — an independent graphic design consultancy with a focus on branding and marketing communications for the fashion and lifestyle industries.

Finding his calling in the creative and lifestyle industries, Robert began his career in fashion when he opened an independent retail outlet, specialising in women’s designer club and evening wear.

In 1998, Robert pursued his passion for creativity and problem solving, joining full service creative and marketing agencies as a graphic designer. He quickly developed fundamental skills in branding and performance improvement campaigns for SMEs and leading lifestyle brands. Business sectors included retail, food services, healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics, financial services, sports, teleco, education and cultural heritage.

Moving up the ladder in 2001 to Art Director, Robert joined the global cosmetics brand, Avon. He kick-started with a successful year as a member of the Fragrance team, where he was given the challenge to rebrand the category. Combining strategy with creativity, fragrance sales significantly increased and Robert was quickly promoted to Skincare, Avon’s second largest division. During his time with Skincare, Robert was responsible for repositioning, branding and promotions, where he received Avon’s Category Achievement Award for exceeding sales expectations.

In 2002, Robert setup Organised Confusion to pursue additional projects on a freelance basis. By 2003, Avon had become his first major client. Since then, Organised Confusion has been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest brands, collaborating with world-class creative talent and renowned model agencies, such as Models 1, Premier, Storm, IMG, Select and others.

Personal Interests

Aside from his creative work, Robert is a proud father of two girls, a lover of travel, culture, the arts, and entertainment.